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single Transaction!

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The CashBack Mission

The CashBack mission is to change the way
merchants think about credit cards, by
offering them a way to eliminate their fee’s
and actually turn payment processing into a
revenue stream.

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CashBack for Merchants

Our merchants are rewarded with the
CashBack wholesale pricing model, which
ensures dollars to their bottom line. They are
also rewarded with cash every time a credit
card is swiped.

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CashBack for Referrals

When our merchants or affiliates refer a
friend or colleague to the eco-system they are
rewarded with cash as a thank you for the
referral. This cash is paid monthly for the life
cycle of the client.

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Status: Married, 2 Children
Occupation: Owner of ‘Scrapbooking Studio’
and stay-at-home mom.
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Sarah's been a merchant since 2012.
She refers all her friends & colleagues
businesses to CashBack!
Now, Sarah earns CashBack each month as
she and her friends use CashBack products!
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Add Dollars To Your Bottom Line By Turning Your
Payment Processing Into Streaming Revenue

CashBack will pay you just for running credit and debit card transactions
on our platform. 99% of the time we save all our new merchants money!
Together we will catapult your business to the next level.
It is time to stop paying unnecessary fees and start earning revenue,
one card swipe at a time.
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We have found that over 99% of the merchants that we work with, are overpaying for credit card processing, are you?

A CashBack Success Story

We had the opportunity to show one of the largest
flooring association’s in the country what CashBack can do for them.

Flooring America Test Store Results

When we approached Flooring America with this program, they liked the idea but they wanted to see it in action, so they gave us test stores.

  • We saved each store on average $4,200
  • We paid each store around $1,000 Cash Back
  • It didn’t cost anyone a penny to switch
Find out how much you’re overpaying


Our eco-system enables CashBack to share the wealth with you and your friends.

David Heller - CEO | CashBack